Sample Boards from St. Louis Regional

I was sorting through my photo gallery and realized I never shared pictures from the display boards from the St. Louis Regional event! Here you go….





One of the things I LOVE about any stamp event is the inspiration! So many creative ideas, techniques, and tips!

Happy Stamping!

P.S…..last chance Retiring List posts tomorrow!! Grab those wish lists!!!!!
What’s one stamp set you REALLY hope they don’t retire??? I really love “Just Believe” and hope it sticks around for a while šŸ™‚ What do you think???


2 thoughts on “Sample Boards from St. Louis Regional

  1. WOW ! What beautiful cards! I LOVE the ones with the butterflies in them. On the second photo, at the top of the board is a butterfly in what looks like a lacy ‘doily’ (I don’t know how to sell that word). What does it take to make a card like THAT?I’ve got the catalog so if you could tell me what pages to look on to see the ‘sets’ of cut outs or stamps, then I could see what I need. . . . . Also, where does the Whale come from? In the “Clearance” list that you will be sending us tomorrow, are the prices cut a lot or just a little?I’ve got a question – Are all the cards Stampin’ Up makes just the ONE size, like the size you had at Beth’s party? Is there another way to make larger cards?You probably know that everyone there at Beth’s party were all Jehovah’s Witnesses and so you probably know that we don’t celebrate holidays, like, Christmas, or Easter (as you do with the bunny rabbit laying eggs etc) but, we DO send out cards to people for Sympathy, Marriage, Wedding Anniversaries, Illness, Friendship, Thinking of You, Congratulations, etc, I send out about 100 anniversary cards in a year’s time so I’d like to figure out half a dozen ways to make different anniversary cards so I’m not sending everyone the SAME card. I’m the only one bringing money into our home at the moment, so I’m limited right now. . . . . It’s a hard decision as to what to buy that would be the best “DEAL”. . . . . . I think it is a MUST to have the embosser, but, I can’t figure out how to get it, at an affordable price, at the moment. How do you have your home “Office” set up? If I sold Stampin’ Up products, I’d have a port-folio, with dozens and dozens of sample cards to show people so they could look at the “REAL THING” and say, “I want the set that makes THAT card!”Oh, along with the sample card, I’d show the items it takes to MAKE that particular card.There are SO many things you could do – but, it would take a LOT of time, effort and money to put it all together. haI LOVE the photo’s of all the samples at the St Louis seminar.Well, I guess I’ve jabbered enough for now!Talk at cha later gal. . . . .

    Donna Jean signing off for now!

    Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2013 12:35:49 +0000 To:

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