Celebrate with a Waterfall

Have you seen a card featuring the Waterfall Technique???

celebrate full

It’s AWESOME and adds such a fun, interactive element!

celebrate 1

When you pull down on the tab, it exposes an new image–how fun is that!!!!

celebrate 2

celebrate 3

celebrate 4

Today’s card was created by Sandy Risi–thanks Sandy!!!!

Ready to try it? Check out this great video tutorial from SU Demo Dawn Griffith

celebrate 1

Have a Fabulous Day and Happy Stamping!!!!


Here’s What’s Happening:

  1. $25 to Join….say WHAT?!?!?!
  2. Party More, Get More–but only in October!
  3. FREE Christmas Card Tutorial when you order online!
  4. Stampin’Up! CLEARANCE RACK :Check out the discounts HERE and SAVE!!!  Order Online 24/7
  5. Need more Inspiration???



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