Mom and Tween

I ordered the “Everyday Occasions” card kit about a month ago, and still hadn’t put it together. So last weekend, I asked my 12 year old step-daughter, Lexi, if she wanted to make some cards. Of course, she jumped at the opportunity and I got her all set up with the card kit, snail, and scissors. I showed her the pictures of the sample cards, but told her she could make them however she wanted. Then I left…….I knew she wanted her own space to experiment with the different pieces without me watching her every move 🙂


lexi caidence

Of course, my 4-year old desperately wanted to join in on the crafting!


Here are some of her creations! The kit makes 20 cards, and each one is quick, fun, and definitely “Lexi” 🙂


She had such a great time and asked me “can we do this with my friends”?

Of course!!! Click here to learn more about our upcoming Mom & Tween Card Making event 🙂

Have a Fabulous Day and Happy Stamping!!!!


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