Welcome Back!

July 2017 was my last blog post…

I knew it was a while ago, but didn’t realize I had let it go THAT long!?!?

So today’s the day to start again! It’s snowing, the temperature is below zero outside, and it’s the perfect day to make a cup of coffee and a few cards!

Let’s talk about Paper Pumpkin Kits from Stampin’ Up! I’ve been a subscriber since the beginning and I LOVE receiving a kit in my mailbox each month. The best part is that everything is designed, pre-cut, ready to stamp and assemble! It makes it fun, and easy to create hand-stamped cards without all the fuss.

Here’s a kit I worked on this weekend. Yes, it’s from 2018 — moving twice in the past 3 years, I packed up A LOT of supplies and I’m finally working my way through the boxes!!! 🙂

Each kits come with a coordinating stamp set, ink spot, adhesives, embellishments, and envelopes. It really is that simple! For this kit, the card stock was already pre-printed with this gorgeous floral design. I simply stamped the greeting, arranged the vellum leaves, and added a few dimensionals to the back of label to make it pop.

This kit contained supplies for 10 cards and envelopes, and took me less than 30 minutes to complete! I love having extra cards on hand, ready to go for any occasion.

What types of cards do you send the most??? Birthday, thank you, thinking of you, etc?

Have a fabulous day and Happy Stamping!

xoxo, Lauren


2 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

  1. Thanks for coming back! What are your thoughts on getting back to card classes? I am so ready!
    I think we are all pretty used to wearing those masks, Tom and I have had the Covid, and one vaccine. Haven’t seen any catalogs or flyers, I need some new stuff!

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