I’m not sure if that’s an “official” hashtag, but I thought it was fitting for today’s post!

I LOVE looking back at old photos. I was cleaning out some files on my computer and came across this picture of my “studio” taken about 4 years ago! It makes me smile, and instantly reminds me of the excitement I felt in having my very own creative space.

old craft room

It didn’t take much–a bookshelf, couple of totes and organizers, a folding table, etc. I was thrilled to have everything at my finger tips, and organized into its own space. Having products on display is a visual reminder of why I create, and motivates me to get my fingers inky 🙂

My studio has changed a lot in the past couple of years, and you can see that transformation HERE. It’s great to look back at where you’ve been, and exciting to think about what’s next to come.

Have a Fabulous Day and Happy Stamping!!!!